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With demand, company imports livestock for animal breeding and beef cattle breeds.

Processed Meat Products

Islamic principles in regard to animal (Beef cattle and sheep) welfare and slaughtering conditions was provided by the company. we import processed meat in two ways. Using slaughtering houses with Helal Food Certifications, the processed meat products could be kept frozen or refrigerated.

Fertility Products

The company focuses on quality of livestock breeding and development as well as improving variety in livestock breeding in order to supply the demand of the animal breeders.
In order to improve livestock breeding and needs of the populations, high quality frozen semen sperms and embryos must be used. high quality frozen semen sperms are used for the low-quality livestock breeding in other countries. This way quality of the livestock breeding can be improved.
Importing high quality frozen semen sperms and embryos, livestock breeding has been improving in Turkey.
While the dairy and meat products have been improving, by importing quality of the frozen semen sperms and embryos, quality of the baby animals would be better.
Livestock breeding and artificial insemination products imported from United States of America and other European countries.
Within demand, female and male sperms and embryos were imported in the following breeds, Holstein, Simmental, Brown Swiss, Red Holstein and Jersey.
Sperms are kept in -196 Celsius for many years using nitrogen tanks.

Veterinary Medical (Pharmaceuticals) Products

In Turkey, the company is certified for the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forest. This certification allows our company to produce quality pharmaceuticals. Our target market is Middle East and Turkic Republics.

Veterinary Biologicals Products-Vaccines

Bovine vaccines and IgE for horses that have been produced in the U.S. Currently, our company has been working on licensing Bovine vaccines and IgE for horses in Turkey.

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